About The Band
Greetings, our band is a very new, flexible, versatile  4/5 piece, including our own expert dance caller. The number one priority is to help make your occasion enjoyable and fun, to deliver a quality performance, tailored to your preferences.

The music is essentially traditional British/Irish ceilidh dance music although we draw from other European styles, some American, plus a few very danceable self-penned compositions.
The core sound is a punchy blend of keyboard, banjo and accordeon/melodeon, added to by guitar, whistle and harmonica and piano accordion.
We now have a percussion/drummer to add that special ceilidh beat with snare and base, creating a far more authentic, fuller ceilidh/barndance sound.
There are also other musicians we can source for various occasions if the need arises.

Dances are hand picked to suit the occasion and can be modified or simplified to enable anyone or everyone to join in. So, if you have two left feet or feel a bit shy, no worries it's designed to be fun not serious or competitive.

All of us are experienced musicians with a long history of playing different styles of music to a professional standard. We also value casual freestyle playing as an essential  creative process, between dance events, a great way of discovering new or more exciting tunes for dances.

Additionally, we can include some songs of the more jolly genre and are at present, working on introducing some more contemporary songs (not necessarily of a folk genre)

We are available for most types of occasion, including weddings, anniversaries, parties, festivals plus fundraising events at a reduced fee.